Calling All Pro-Life New Mexicans to the 2022

New Mexico March for Life

January 11, 2022 ● 1–3 PM ● Albuquerque, NM

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Register and check back soon for more details to come, and make plans to attend the rally in Albuquerque in:


Inspiring Speakers

Attend the rally and march on January 11 to hear from these incredible speakers in person:

Abby Johnson

Former Planned Parenthood Director

Alex Schadenberg

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Elisa Martinez

New Mexico Alliance for Life

Paula Gonzales

Care Net of Albuquerque

Dominique Davis

Project Defending Life

Mike Seibel

Abortion on Trial

Mark Cavaliere

Southwest Coalition for Life


Abortion Free NM

Alongside Ministries

And Then There Were None

Awareness NM

Care Net Albuquerque

Care Net Santa Fe

Casa de Mariposa

The Cherub Initiative

Family Policy Alliance

Knights of Columbus


New Mexico Alliance for Life

New Mexico Right to Life

Project Defending Life

Southwest Coalition for Life

Students for Life

Now, More Than Ever

Join fellow pro-life New Mexicans from across the state for the 2022 New Mexico March for Life to memorialize the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s tragic Roe v. Wade decision that imposed legalized abortion on New Mexico and the entire nation throughout all nine months of pregnancy ... and to help turn the tide against this injustice.

Here's why your participation at this pivotal moment is more important than ever:

Mothers and Babies

Pregnant moms and children are continuing to be harmed by the local abortion industry

US Supreme Court

The Dobbs vs Jackson case is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade later this year

Fallout from Texas

Our state has become the "back alley abortion clinic" for the entire state of Texas.

Abortion Industry

Planned Parenthood and the NM abortion industry are facing more trouble than ever

Biden Administration

The current administration is pushing their extreme abortion agenda at state levels

Media and the Public

Together, we must show New Mexico an unprecedented display of pro-life unity!

Together, let's send a strong message:



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